Hello? Book-boyfriend, are you out there?

I read. I read a lot. I prefer to live the life of a fictional character, to be honest. I mean, their lives just seem so appealing.

I read mostly contemporary romance, the good kind. Like any bibliophile out there I love having a date on a daily basis with fictional characters. It relaxes me.

So, in this genre of romance, mostly contemporary romance. The guys in the books all have a certain behavior, a certain way about them. They are either this broody, moody, masculine man or they are the nerdy guy who is a total klutz or they are this cocky man-whore with deep seeded issues that he hides. But we love them either way.

We are given lengthy descriptions upon lengthy descriptions as to the way they think, how they are, the way they behave and even how they look (yum, right?). In these books that we read, we dissect, evaluate and look at the finer detail of everything.

Now, my question is: Are guys really like this out there? I mean, in there heads, do they think this way? And if it is, why oh, why haven’t I found my Book-boyfriend?

Now, I’ve got guy friends, brothers and ex-suitors (ex-suitors? I clearly want to be a fictional character), and they don’t really come across as the touchy-feely type. They don’t like talking about their feelings and the characters are also portrayed like this. However, the difference is that in the book we get a glimpse of what goes on inside their head and in real life, well, in real life we have to sniff it out of them. But now, the problem lies in the fact that most of these books are written from the female perspective.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why my standards of guys would forever be tainted. That is why no physical guy that I come across will ever come close to my book-boyfriends (yes, I’ve got many, don’t judge).

Let me know if you guys have found the real-life version of your book-boyfriends or if you would prefer to stay loyal to your book-boyfriends (or girlfriends). And guys out there, will you please pick-up a contemporary romance and let us know if they have portrayed guys in the proper light.


4 thoughts on “Hello? Book-boyfriend, are you out there?

  1. I have found my book boyfriend 😀 but what I want to say is that sometimes, just like movies, books give the wrong idea of what guys in real life are like. So as women, we project these unrealistic expectations onto the men around us which is really unfair. Men are people too, and just like woman hate being compared to the models and celebrities seen on the front covers of magazines; I would think men too hate being compared to fictional characters…

    Loved this post 🙂

    Nihaad – the little blog of STUFF

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    • Hi, Nihaad.
      I’m so glad you found your book boyfriend. I guess you’re one of the lucky ones.

      Thank you for clearing up some confusion for me, that’s a different perspective that I haven’t thought of before. I especially love your thoughts on comparing the two and it makes sense. It’s just that women tend to complain more about it than men. Hence, me being a women complaining about stuff that is suppose to affect men. Oh, how backwards our world is.
      Anyway, thanks for your lovely insight. I adore your blog by the way. ~Poppie Tee xx

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