50 Things that make me (a bit) Happy

Recently, I was tagged in a little challenge by the beautiful soul Nihaad, the author of The Little Blog of Stuff. The challenge is to write about 50 things that makes me happy. And, naturally, because I tend to be sadistic at times I had to say, as Barney Stinson would, “Challenge Accepted!” Now, 50 is a lot of things and I am not normally a happy chappy, I am quite frankly, a very cynical person. So, this is indeed a challenge for me. Here goes:

  1. Free WiFi (I’m a twenty-first century kind of gal, what can I say?)
  2. Lip Balm – I have a slight obsession with them, who am I kidding? I hoard them.
  3. The smell of books. (God, don’t you just love the smell of paper?)
  4. Highlighters – They just make me happy.
  5. Typing on a keyboard – It makes me feel professional.
  6. Elegance and Class – I insist that every person should own this.
  7. Running – It makes me out of breathe, alright but it calms me all the same.
  8. My family – This should probably be at the top of the list but I’m different, I’m sure they’ll forgive me (love you guys).
  9. High heels – I love seeing them in neat rows plus they make your calves look good so, BONUS!
  10. Sand in my toes – I should probably clarify that I enjoy clean, beach-y sand in my toes, strictly nothing else.
  11. Sarcasm and wit – If you’ve got those, then you’re my kind of person.
  12. Contemporary romance novels – They’re good for the soul.
  13. Jodi Picoult – My favourite author makes me happy with her exquisite writing skills.
  14. Long talks about life – I can do this with practically anyone.
  15. My favourite bandsThe Script, Imagine Dragons and Bastille, just to name a few, make me deliriously happy.
  16. Sleep – Yip, I can be contented in dreamland.
  17. Proper punctuation in texts – If you send me a text message with proper grammar, I’ll love you forever.
  18. My religion – It keeps me content and sane.
  19. Tea – What’s not to love about warm hugs on the inside?
  20. Water – I know this is actually a necessity but water makes me happy in a way I can’t explain.
  21. Running on the beach – There is nothing better than the sea air on a early morning run.
  22. My parents’ love story – They have such a unique love story, it warms my heart. It gives me hope for my prince charming that’s probably stuck in a trench somewhere.
  23. Langebaan – This is a dainty town along the West Coast of South Africa, this place is my perfect get away. I go there so often and I still can’t get enough.
  24. Writing – Hence the blog.
  25. Reading – I think the reading goes along with the writing. I LOVE it.
  26. Stalking – Instagram stalking, don’t you just love it?
  27. My best friend – She is like a sister to me.
  28. Lemon water – My go-to detox.
  29. People with a great fashion sense – Doll, I love your shoes!
  30. People with a sense of humor – If you can make me laugh then big ups to you.
  31. Sale – I just love sale.
  32. Protein bars – I’m probably addicted to them but they just make you so full and they’re healthy!
  33. Blue – I think this should be the colour of content, don’t you?
  34. Seeing books in a home – For me, a house is not a home if the is no books there.
  35. Harvey Specter – He is from the TV series, Suits. He makes clever girls stupid. What’s not to be happy about?
  36. Spontaneous road trips – There is just something about the unknown.
  37. Hoodies – They’re comfy, warm and are like giant hugs you can wear. Yay!
  38. Disney animation movies – I cannot believe I almost left that one for last!
  39. Long, hot baths – They help me relax my bitch face even more.
  40. The fact that I only have nine more to go – could never be happier.
  41. New Stationery – Love, love, love it!
  42. Having long discussions with my nephew – He is only 5 but he loves learning new things especially about planes or cars.
  43. Being in my comfort-zone – Everything is right in the world if I’m comfortable.
  44. Justice – I hate things that are unfair.
  45. Binge watching Harry Potter – Nothing better than their good old English accents to soothe me.
  46. Ticking something off my to-do list – It’s old school, I know, but it’s just so satisfying.
  47. Playing Candy Crush – Soul reason: because it saves me from looking like a loner.
  48. That we’re almost done – Seriously, my cynicism might go permanently away.
  49. Pinterest – How did that end up being 49th one? I’m seriously disappointed in my priorities.
  50. My blog – I can write whatever I want.

That’s the end of my happy spree. I did it, guys! Challenge complete. Now, I can go back to being cynical. Also, let me know what you think. Leave a shout out in the comment section, would love to hear from you.

~Poppie Tee


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