Been a week, has it?

Hectic. One word to describe my week. Between writing exams; I have been so busy studying for exams and preparing for mini-tests and tutorials that this week has just been one, pardon my language, shit storm. Now, for the cherry, I awoke this morning with a sore throat, massive headache and sore legs from a workout. So, all in all, not my most stellar week.

That’s the reason I have been MIA for the past week or so, I feel totally bad because when I started this blog I wanted to at least write regularly, like a post each week or something like that. But, alas, shit happens and like Harvey Specter says, “Deal with it.” (God, this man is my idol).

Also, during the course of this week I have had two breakdowns and two workouts (which is little). Then I came to the realization that I needed the breakdowns even though a breakdown is literally when you feel at lowest but I have realised that sometimes it takes falling down to get back up.

I hate having breakdowns in front of people because, my God, embarrassing. But I also realised that having them in front of people can be so comforting, especially people who know how you feel and can relate.


So, now that I am on a ten day vacation (let’s just all cut the bull here, it’s honestly speaking a study break) I am going to catch up on movies, series, books, scouting jobs, blogging and life at home (even though most times I am at home, I still feel like I’m not at home because home is far and when I get there, I eat and then go sleep). I’m just ready for this break, man. I don’t think I am going to open any of my university books and files for this ten day vacation.

These are the things they don’t tell you about university; they tell you all about how you will spend the best days of your life here and about how you will make friends for life here but honestly that comes with the territory, university is not all about the partying or the friends or the best days of your life. University is actually your make it or break it time because nine times out ten people who are at university don’t have a backup plan, they just plan on getting their degree and then getting a job straight after and many university kids will get their socks knocked off when they realise it’s not that simple. The real truth is that you will be sitting at a mediocre job for five years just waiting to land your dream job, the one you are actually qualified for. So, go get out there and get that job experience now while at university because it’s not just about university, it’s about your future.

So, despite my past week, I am ready for my next week. Are you?

~Poppie Tee


4 thoughts on “Been a week, has it?

  1. I feel ya. I had a one week mid-semester break and it literally just flew by. I had to finish up on a report and do an online test so it really didn’t seem like a break tbh but now that uni has reopened, I don’t want to attend uni anymore ;'(

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  2. Absolutely necessary to be honest with yourself about experiences like these! There is all this pressure to have “the time of your life” that people hide when they are NOT having a good time; leading to small breakdowns becoming massive holes. So good for you, for your honesty and introspection.
    Anyways, boo to ten day holidays that should be way longer. But I totally agree with catching up on movies and some you-time. Seriously, you need the holiday to refresh rather than studying more.

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