My inner book nerd

I am a person who reads a lot and because I read a lot, I like to write reviews and I have always wanted a review category in my blog, it’s just that I have never really had the time to do that. So, because I have a study break from university for a week, I will attempt to write as much reviews as I can, whether it’s old books, new books, suspense, romance or drama. If you would like to see even more reviews written by me where I go into even more detail about the books (all spoilers are hidden) you can follow me on Goodreads.

So, to start this off I will write a review on Leaving Time by my all time favourite author Jodi Picoult:

Jenna Metclaf, intelligent daughter of two scientists obsessively searches for her missing mother after she went missing in an incident that happened when Jenna was just three years old. The incident left her father in an institution, her mother missing and Jenna, searching among the hard truths for some closure on her mother. Jenna has two unlikely allies that help her in her search; the psychic Serenity Jones and the PI, Virgil Stanhope. The three of them set out to straighten what might have been a murder and the harsh realities of life.

Can we just give Jodi Picoult three cheers, please? No, wait, scratch that she needs a Goddamn standing ovation because each and every book that she has ever written is just pure genius. She is such a brilliant author, that constant praising (and I do a lot of it) of her will never ever do her justice. The amount of effort, research and sheer brilliance that she pours into her books are just amazing.

Okay, so enough of me fangirling. Let me get on with my review. Ever heard of the phrase dynamite comes in small packages? Well, Jenna Metcalf is the literal definition of that. She is intelligent, quick and has got a whole lot of fight in her. She obsessively studies her mothers research on elephants and tries with all her might to remember every detail about her mother so that she is able to track her down better. She really is just a little girl that is lost in a world with harsh realities, where fate just isn’t on your side.

“There are also some people who cannot forget.”

“Not only did the family of the elephant remember her voice, but for just a moment as they approached that speaker, I bet they hoped to find her.”

Jenna finds herself an ally in Serenity Jones, a psychic who doubts her ability but she can’t help feeling this strong pull to Jenna and her case that she really has no choice but to help her.

“…to hear anything – a whisper, a sneer, a hitch of breathe. Instead, there was utter silence”.

Virgil Stanhope is a jaded, retired cop turned PI who worked on Jenna’s mother’s case ten years ago and hasn’t been able to let it go. Now, his full-time job is to drink and reminisce on the pass. He is intelligent, has a grim sense of humour and doesn’t remotely believe in Serenity’s ability.

“Do you like raisins?”
“Not really”
“Then how about a date?”
I blink at him. “I’m a little young for you, creeper.”
“I’m not hitting on you. I’m telling you the pickup line I used on Tallulah, when she was cleaning my teeth and I ask her out.” Virgil pauses. “In my defence, I was completely trashed at the time.”
“That’s a defense?”

This is the most recent book I’ve read of Jodi Picoult and I’ve honestly loved it. I’ve got such high praise for Jodi and she has yet to disappoint. She blows you away with her plot twists and intense research on a particular topic that you have no choice to sit there dumbfounded and go:

If you haven’t read this book or it isn’t on your TBR list then slap yourself silly cause girl, you got problems. And, Jodi, kudos to you, girl. You deserve millions of awards. *slow clap*

Stay tuned for my next review and tell me what your thoughts are on this book, I would love to hear them.

~Poppie Tee


7 thoughts on “My inner book nerd

  1. Oooh I am such an obsessive reader that I neglect studies once I start reading. It is for this reason I am not going to the library this semester so that I can finally finish off studies and start reading once I graduate. But this review is making it so hard for me to resist that I am biting my hand #thestruggle

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    • I feel you girl! But my graduation date is 4 years away and I don’t think I can wait that long to read a book or even until I’m officially on vacation. I definitely need my reading time even if it is a page a day. However, I take my hat off to you, girl! You kick your finals in the butt!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha I did read when I started uni but I drifted off. And now reading your reviews and other bloggers as well I am tempted to get back into it. I wish I had self-control. I am a voracious reader and a page a day would never do with me. Keep those recommendations coming because I am noting it all down 🙂

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