On the grind. Oh, wait, no I’m just procrastinating.

So, I’m back at university again, we’ve only got a month and half left to finals and I am freaked. I’m often a person who tends to play everything down. I would tell you its chilled when in actual fact I’m sweating my balls off. I’m a person that will be hard at work in private and in front of people I’d just be cool (unless I’m really, really stressed then the whole world gon’ know, son).

What I realised on my first day back at university is that I’ve got a ton of work to do and that using my ten days for ‘me time’ was a horrible idea (worth it but horrible). Next time, I won’t do that because of the loads I have to get done before exams starts (let’s face it, I’ll most probably do it again and just say that I won’t oh, the inevitable cycle).

Often when I have millions of things to do, I tend to procrastinate. Now, I know I’m not the only one who does it but the stuff I do just to put off work is just plain ridiculous, hilarious and has got me thinking, “WTH?”  So, in honour of my weirdness, I’ve compiled a list of the stuff I do:

#1. Dishes

Seriously, I’m the laziest person on earth (my mom can testify to this. Shout out to my mom who loves me all the same) and I decide to dishes just to avoid my work. Where is my logic? I do chores to put off my other work? Ugh, sometimes I wonder about myself. *shakes head*

#2. Plan my dream wedding

Perfect husband, 3.5 kids and white picket fence, ah the life. Oh, wait that was in my head. Damn, you procrastination! The mind is a powerful thing; I’ve once thought up a whole perfect alternate life for myself which included my children’s names and that I’d be married to my favourite actor and have a house in the mountains.

#3. Read things on how to overcome procrastination

I’ve read millions of blogs, books and articles on how to beat the procrastination blues yet I just haven’t taken the leap of faith to actually carry out not procrastinating. So, as part of procrastinating, I read about how to overcome it and I’d be inspired for five minutes then my hands would start itching to read a book or check my phone. Ah, I’m so weak.

#4. Pinterest

No app better to keep me on the internet whole day, okay maybe WordPress too (I got ya fam). I’ve got a whole virtual world that if you ever bother to check out, would really show what I’m like. I pin so many things that it becomes overwhelming, even for me.

#5. Memes


Don’t you just love memes? They’re so relatable and not to mention funny. An easy way to procrastinate, all you need is internet. No harm, right? Wrong. I have been accused of laughing for something at my phone and people would be like, “Who are you chatting to?” But I’d be to embarrassed too admit that I’m not that important, in actual fact I’m just laughing at memes on my phone.

#6. Snapchat

Don’t you just love wasting time sending the most atrocious pictures of things (and yourself) to your friends? God, I love it. In my opinion, it’s the most beautiful useless procrastination thing you can ever do.Try it, I dare you.

This is just a few things I do, believe me there is a whole lot more where that came from; this barely scrapes the top. What do you do as a form of procrastination? Bake cake? Wash the dog? Let me know in the comment section below.

~Poppie Tee


6 thoughts on “On the grind. Oh, wait, no I’m just procrastinating.

  1. Aaah procrastination… its like that one friend that annoys the crap out of you but you hang out with them anyway because the friendship reached the point where it would be completely rude to say “hey you are annoying, and I think it would be best if we stopped hanging out…” So you try to dodge them by speed walking and avoid eye contact at tall costs, and then you bump in to them and… I forget my point :/ LOL I loved this post! So relatable and flippen hilarious! I am sweating my balls off 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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