Beauty through Imperfection

On my way to campus this morning, I felt sluggish. Trying to close my eyes for a few proved a massive problem; I just did not feel rested which made me even more cranky.

So, I’m sitting in the back of the car with my eyes open on my way to Stellenbosch when my friend nudges me and we notice the most spectacular thing; two Zebras running wild in the fields and some antelopes casually grazing and this time I was just so fascinated by them; they’re beautiful creatures. It hit me then; this is unique.

What I’ve witnessed this morning is something that is so special that not everyone experiences this on their daily commute to work or school. I mean who wants to see other cars bursting in and honking their highly irritating horns in the morning when you can instead see wild beasts in a natural, controlled habitat? I would chose that over anything in the world. And, I witness this everyday for the year that I’ve been travelling from Stellenbosch to Cape Town.

Little lamb and it's mother ~ 22 Watervalle
Little lamb and it’s mother ~ 22 Watervalle

Seeing this just made me so grateful for living in South Africa. It’s a beautiful country and it’s my home. Not everyone sees this. I definitely haven’t seen this on my daily commute to high school; it was just cars, bridges and structured buildings but now on my commute to university, I really enjoy and love the scenery.

Africa has a special kind of beauty that if you don’t live here yourself or are a citizen, you wouldn’t understand. Africa is raw, real, unique and is often downplayed. In Africa, you have civilization with lasting tradition that is clearly seen. We’re so rich in diversity that at times it can be overwhelming, sometimes we have so much civil conflict that it becomes depressing watching the news but other times when we stand united against a cause; our bond becomes so strong, it is truly the most magnificent thing to watch.

Often South African citizens want to move to other countries, I do too, at times when crime is especially bad, when protests gets out of hand and when I just get so fed up with the country but then I think about where I’d want to go and I can’t think of a single place I’d be where there isn’t problems, politics and lets divulge the real issues here; spiders that have the power to kill you. Each and every country has their own problems and so does South Africa; there is mounds of crime, poverty and corruption. However, we’ve also got beautiful animals; cows, goats, zebras and many more that you can see if you drive just a little ways out of the city centre, we’ve got beautiful scenery with huge oak trees dropping acorns on your head and hiding a few squirrels, we’ve got beautiful beaches that hosts a myriad of people cooling off, come summer time. Everything comes with the good and the bad, even countries and we’ve got to learn to embrace that. No one on this earth is going to find that perfect place because there is bound to be a problem with something along the way. But you know what? That’s okay because there is beauty in imperfection, we’ve just got to look for it. And, I am 100% okay with marveling at imperfection that holds true beauty.

Waterfalls at 22 Watervalle, Porterville

~Poppie Tee

Oh, and while I’m on the subject, seeing as it is rugby season, let me just say that I loyally back our Boys. Come on, Bokke. As Nandos perfectly puts it; Moer Hulle!! 


12 thoughts on “Beauty through Imperfection

    • It is an absolutely amazing country… That is exactly how I feel, we often forget to appreciate what we see everyday but once in a while it’s nice to be in love with something that often gets underestimated.
      Thank you so much for visiting. xx


  1. Cape Town South Africa is a beautiful place . I have travelled a few places outside our country and what I discovered every time I came back when the plane landed on mothers earth , its gives me the pleasure and exitement of my home birthplace of where my heart is, nothing feels more perfect . Even if i approach my hometown which is beautiful Cape Town , coming from a surrounding area I feel the excitement seeing the mountain from far then I always get the feeling of “This is the unique place to be” ,proud South African”. Poppie tee , I hear you loud and clear!

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    • You should definitely come visit us; it’s a beautiful place… That is so true, we should learn to open our eyes once in a while and see the beauty that makes each and every country unique.


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