The answer to life is simple: Live it

Dying young. That is what is happening in life today. Babies not reaching an age where they are able to walk, young adults are not living long enough to feel alive or to fall in love, a teenager so full of life now won’t live to see their 21st birthday.

So, why in this beautifully manipulated place are we still worried about trivial things? I’ll tell you; we’re worried about that because that is what life is made of. Whether we just want to say YOLO or whatever, truth is, we don’t really mean it. We say all these meaningless things, make promises that we have no intention of keeping yet we don’t know what’s in plan for us.

In actual fact, we can’t help but worry about trivial things like first dates, bills and what will be for lunch tomorrow because that’s the order of the day and that essentially is what life consists of. All these motivational speakers are telling us to ‘take a leap of faith’ or to ‘live life’ but how can we live life if we don’t even know what living is? What constitutes as ‘being alive’? Is it living life to the fullest; walking on coals and going shark-cage diving? Or is it living a mundane life, doing normal work and worrying the petty things but being happy?

If I asked you what living life is and you gave me anything similar to the above answers then you’re right. Obviously, you won’t be wrong because each of us has our own way of living life, doing what makes us happy. However, what most people don’t understand is that when motivational speakers and so forth, say life live they don’t mean quit your job and spend your time traveling the world with your loved ones. No, what they mean is that you need to find what makes you live your life and if living your life means spending time with your family then do so. If living life means escaping to your happy place by diving into your favourite novel then do so but don’t do it on account that you forget to visit your family or that you don’t go to work because you need to be happy.

Living life, being happy is doing your chores and then relaxing, being happy is going to that nine to five, be happy there and then come home to your family, spend the night with them because you provide for them to be happy and it makes you happy to see them happy. People often tend to think that living life means just doing what makes you happy and doing what you’re passionate about but what they don’t understand is that you have to take the ‘crappy with the happy.’ Someone making you frustrated at work; shed a few tears, have a meltdown but then, soon after, you pick yourself up and dust yourself off, hold your head high and don’t let them get to you again because that’s how we deal with life. That’s how we live it.


~Poppie Tee


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