I want to break free.

IMG_20151121_212826[1]I don’t normally do poems, I don’t consider myself one of those poetic types. I love the occasional slam-poetry event as much as the next one but I don’t normally write poetry, this is actually my first time I’ve written something like this. But what can I say, when the thoughts of the night prevent you from sleeping a wink then do something about it. This is what kept me up in wee hours of the morning:

I want to break free

Let me do things for me.
Let me out into the world.
Let me explore.
Let my wings break free.
Let me climb that mountain.
Let me dangle from a cliff.
Let me scream from the top of my lungs.
I want to break free.
Let me run a mile in my own shoes.
I want to break free.

Let me feel love.
Let me feel warmth.
Let me build my walls up.
Let me break it down.
Let me feel pain.
Let me dance in the rain.
I want to break free.

Show me you love me.
Show me you care.
Show me you’ll tear my walls down.
Show me you’ll heal me.
Show me you’ll dance with me.
Show me you’ll be here with me.
I want to break free.


~Poppie Tee


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