Touring Familiar Streets

Tuesday was my fun-filled day. I explored Cape Town. Gosh, I love my city.

My friend and I decided to take the bus into Town and have a coffee date. My experience from my suburb to Town was interesting to say the least -I should note that this is technically my first bus drive since way back when. Anyway, we boarded the bus and spoke like rapid fire at which point people kept on giving us the stink eye because it was clearly too early to be having a conversation on the bus let alone screech at the top of our lungs but the rest of the passengers (us included) were in for a another surprise early in the morning. An old oke gets up and starts, I kid you not, preaching. He stands in the middle of the bus with a bible and a crucifix and he decides to tell us about his past, how he found Jesus, how he wasn’t always like this and how we should also ask for forgiveness. Which was so nice to see, he had lots of peoples attention for like the first three times he repeated the same thing. So, our entertainment for the morning was sorted and our conversation come to a halt.

We got off the bus, walked onto the parade in Town and I was totally in awe of the what I saw; the building opposite, the City Hall is magnificent. So beautiful. The structure, the antique style, everything was just too much to put into words.

City Hall, Cape Town. This picture does not do justice but to be fair I was kind of scared of being robbed hence the crappy picture.

We roamed around Town for a bit until we come to the main reason we even went on this trip; Truth Coffee. Boy, was the whole trip worth it. If you’re ever in Town, this Cafe is a must. Listed by Telegraph UK as the #1 coffee shop in the world, I’d have to agree. Their theme is, to say the least, unique. It reminded me of a grungy mechanics store with a warm feel and a delicious smell.

Truth Coffee



Then we painted the town an even deeper shade of red, walking into quaint stores and marveling at the beautiful architecture and little bargins.

This is made of books!! ~ This can found at the Cape Town Library.

We came across another gem; Charly’s Bakery. This little bakery located in District 6, is the home of Charly’s Cake Angels. The cakes are to die for and quite cheap considering its basically heaven in your mouth.

Charly’s Bakery, District 6, Cape Town.

So, with our belly’s filled with heaven we marched on and took a taxi to Sea point to rest our feet a bit at the beach. We also received free entertainment of people paragliding off Signal Hill and landing on the beach front. We stayed until late afternoon, then took a taxi back to Town and from there a bus back home.

Sea Point
Loins Head and a small part of Table Mountain can be seen in the background.

To say the day was a success is an understatement. I utterly enjoyed being a tourist in my own city. I will most definitely do it again. Have you ever been a tourist in your own city?

~Poppie Tee


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