Taking it back to the old days

I’m so super excited right now. Two hours left until go time. Go where? You ask. Well, I’m glad you asked, my fellow comrades. I am off to the middle of nowhere, without electricity, water or any essentials really.

Okay, reading that back to myself sounds weird, like a remote prison or something. But, alas, it’s not anything as terrifying as that. It’s just camping, you know, the – swotting at bugs, being at peace with nature and letting out my adventurous side – camping.

A while back, my parents, on one of their adventures ended up in Lord-knows-where, a beautiful camping spot, with waterfalls so magnificent your heart would literally skip a beat, according to my parents. They took pictures and if the pictures are anything to talk about then I’d probably pee in my pants when I arrive there because it is utterly beautiful.

I don’t really consider myself a camping person, I’m a very girly-girl but I would camp because lets face it the equipment they come up with nowadays is out of this world (just check out a camping catalog), you are basically living in a five-star hotel instead of camping.

However, this campsite that I’ll be going to is several notches out of my comfort-zone. There will be little to no electricity (not even an outlet/main supply like most camps have), we’d be deep in the mountains surrounded by waterfalls and no civilization for miles. I’ll be going with my parents, I consider them experienced campers because of the many adventures they had. However, I’d only be going for three days as I’ve got work, they’d be staying longer because they enjoy adventure.

I fully intend to make the most of my trip. I was planning on having a blog post up everyday to record my adventures of the day but I will be shut off from the internet/world for those few days. But all is not lost, I will be taking it old school and putting pen to paper, recording my days in a journal. When I return, will type them out and post them up.

I hope you guys will enjoy the new segment that I intend to do for the three days in which I will be gone, lost in contact with the world, recording how it feels to be out of touch with technology and in touch with nature.

I wish you guys a happy festive season and for my christian followers, Merry Christmas. Make the most of it, be adventurous, have fun and experience what this world has to offer.

See you on the flip side.

~Poppie Tee


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