Off we go…

First installment of my three day adventure. This is a personal journal entry of a very inexperienced adventurer who is way out of her comfort zone. I hope you enjoy.

December 24, 2015

Leaving the house was a debacle in itself. Who knew you had to pack your whole house up in order to go camping? Anyway, with our house packed up and me bobbing with excitement to leave the house when all of a sudden we can’t seem find the car keys! We searched the house inside and out, had to unpack the car until we ended up finding it more than an hour later. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating just a little but still we literally only left an hour later.

On the road, armed with snacks we headed to our destination. Now, my tummy was in uproar. I was super nervous about where we were headed, I’ve no clue where this place is and the fact that there is no electricity is starting to freak me out now. Why am I this freaked out? I put my earphones in and tuned out the world while watching the scenery pass by.

Finally, two tummy-turning hours later, the long never-ending road up north comes to an end and we come across a narrow, gravel road. Ever drove on a gravel road in a bakkie? No? Some people like it but I don’t. I was shaking in places I never knew could shake, I thought the bakkie was going to fall apart.

What South Africans call a 4×4 Bakkie

A place called 22 Waterfalls

Reaching 22 Waterfalls. A dog barks in the background but all that catches my eye is the horses. Beautiful , majestic horses. I just wanted to touch them  but there was no time for that. We checked in and drove on.

Sheep. Holy Lordy. Sheep walking around freely. I’m going to sleep in a measly tent with sheep on the loose? I think I might have a panic attack or anxiety attack. Which ever is worse I’m having it.

Driving on, we search for our spot. It’s hidden in the trees on a little incline, it’s so cute and tiny. I think I’m in love. Ugh, I’m such a contradiction. There is a little river right opposite that sounds like a freaking huge, gushing waterfall. I love it.

We unpack and set up camp. Geez, I probably lost a few kilos just doing that. My soft hands are now filled with little scratches and scabs. Ugh, that’s going to take a while to heal.

With our camp set up and all the hard work done. I arm myself with the camera and head out to explore the rays of the setting sun on the beautiful mountainous region.

As I walk around and I come across a very steep… ladder? Staircase? I don’t know. Anyway, I tackle it and get a bit into it with some bushes but I make it out alive, scratched but alive.

My, God. Was that not worth it. At the top is a dam, sort of hidden. But the view? Phenomenal. A breathtakingly stunning sun just a few hours shy of going under.

Sun going under by the dam – 22 Watervalle


I go back to my camp spot dirty, tired but satisfied. After I’ve cleaned up, I sit down to write with a steaming cup of coffee under the stars with the bugs flying around me and the crickets chirping in the background and I feel content.

“I have learned that to be with those I like is enough”
Walt Whitman

~Poppie Tee


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