Time, you subtle creeper.

Let’s just be honest here, getting back into the swing of things can be a pain in the behind. I’m currently in my second year of university and let me tell you, it is no joke.

Some people say that university is supposed to be the best time of your life, that you should make the most of it and I agree. My only question to them is: where in the living hell do they find the time?  My nails are currently in a state of anarchy because I barely have time for them, my sleeping schedule is off the charts crazy and my room is in a constant state of disarray. 

As person that likes (some sort of) order, I like having my to-do list checked, my bag packed and my clothes laid out (even if it’s in my mind) at the end of the night but lately I’ve gotten so little time to do any of that. 

I know, university is supposed to make you feel tired, I mean, between the studying, work and a social life, you aren’t supposed have time for sleep. Although, that is the only thing that you want to do when you are in university; sleep.

So, having spent a short while in university already, I feel obligated to let any first years out there know what they are in for.

Travel arrangements. This can be a real pain in the backside, honestly, if you live within driving distance of campus then make sure your travel arrangements are sorted or better yet, get your own car.

Time management. Have this down to a tee (haha, see what I did there), it is crucial that you have a diary, calendar and a huge board on which you can write all your dates and times, so that you have enough time to plan to study, to actually study, for homework and whatever extra things you want to do.

Have everything handy in your bag. Seriously, you are going to need that tissue that is always in your bag that you never seem to use. Personally, I like to have my bag as light as possible especially since I travel in everyday and I have to lug my gym bag, textbooks and everything else around with me which hurts my shoulders and really it’s just extremely inconvenient and totally not fun. So, if you are a person that travels in then get a locker or an extremely friendly person who would allow you to park your stuff in their apartment or car since you don’t have any or better yet, get an apartment; more sleep time, yay!

Have your schedule worked out. I know this might be redundant because it can fall under time management but you need to have your schedule sorted. I have a very busy schedule this year and because of that I try and do all my work at university because it’s easier (all that gaps between classes is there for a purpose, utilize it) which allows me to have more sleeping time at home because… Well, it’s sleep, I like sleep.

Join things. I know this last one is totally unrelated but this is university and who said you can’t have fun because of a stupid schedule. So, if your schedule allows then have fun, join societies, do extra-mural activities, just do something for you.

Important things not to forget: hydrate, eat, sleep, study, go to your lectures and have fun. No matter what your schedule you can pencil in that me-time, it all just depends on the art of scheduling. You can do it!

“No matter how you feel. Get up, dress up, show up and never give up.”
~Regina Brett

~Poppie Tee


One for the Books

Euphoric. That’s how I feel. Most people don’t know how to feel which is understandable considering what we’ve been put through.

For those who haven’t yet heard the news, South African university students will have a 0% increase of fees for next year. Amid peaceful, violent protests (some, not all) our president has declared a zero fee increase for next year. To say that us, students, are elated is an understatement. We have made history.

Unified we stood. No matter your background, colour or gender, our youth fought peacefully for justice. There might be a lot of bad in this world but something good happened today. Students stood all night, shared food, sang and fought together for justice. And, Justice was served.

Something amazing has happened in South Africa and I am proud to be part of this generation of youth who stand up for their rights, not just for their rights but for the rights of others. They have stood, we have stood and now the fee increase has been frozen for the year 2016.

Small rejoices can make the world of difference. Everyone who stood in solidarity with us throughout this ordeal, I salute you. Today was a good day.

~Poppie Tee

You get back on that horse!

I know I’ve been MIA lately, it’s just that with finals coming up and everything due on the same day; I just want to curl up in a ball and cry.

I have always loved the concept of studying because I honestly get more done while studying than when I am doing anything else. It’s a weird concept, I know, but I think it is more to do with the feeling of accomplishment than anything else (I just really love ticking things off my to-do list).

However, lately, I just haven’t felt like actually doing anything, I’d finish things the night before they are due. Okay, who am I kidding? I always do this but at least, in the past when I did this I felt like I have given it my all but I haven’t felt like that at all, recently. I haven’t felt that feeling of accomplishment. And, maybe that is where I am going wrong.

As part of my lazy binge (is there something like this? Well, there is now), I was watching You tube videos and then somehow I went from watching funny cat videos to coming across this guy, Thomas Frank, and his You tube channel of awesomeness. His blog, YouTube channel, Twitter feed, Facebook page and his many other social networking sites have some extremely useful tips on how you can improve yourself whether it involves your studies, your personal health or your finances; he has got you covered.

I found his blog pretty helpful in setting positive habits for myself, successfully executing my studies and bouncing back from my lazy binge. Just reading some of the stuff that this guy does is pretty inspiring, I mean he accomplished a lot of things. I wish I could be as productive as this guy. The best thing about this guy? He pretty much shares everything he has learnt in his life time which makes it possible for me to accomplish as much as him (and maybe even a little more).

Now, I am super amped up for finals that are fast approaching and ready to take over my life. I’ve got my goals set, my diet plan in place and my workout scheduled. Nothing can go wrong. Right? Because even if they do; Thomas Frank has got tips to get over that, too. Seriously, this guy can have your life sorted in just a few podcasts, he is that good. He is the result that this post is even up.

In addition to that, I have also been resurrected from my reading slump; I am currently reading Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys. It came highly recommended by Nihaad, the brains behind The Little Blog of Stuff who wrote an in-depth review of this stunning book. I must admit, I’m only a few pages in and I love it.

Please go and check out his blog or social media sites. I promise it will do the world of good to your life if you really want useful tips about your studies, success in the workplace and financial solutions. Try it.

It’s funny how when you are not really looking you come across things that can change your life, like this guys useful tips that changed my life. He may not even read this post but I am eternally grateful for the useful life hacks he shares with me and the rest of the world.

~Poppie Tee.

On the grind. Oh, wait, no I’m just procrastinating.

So, I’m back at university again, we’ve only got a month and half left to finals and I am freaked. I’m often a person who tends to play everything down. I would tell you its chilled when in actual fact I’m sweating my balls off. I’m a person that will be hard at work in private and in front of people I’d just be cool (unless I’m really, really stressed then the whole world gon’ know, son).

What I realised on my first day back at university is that I’ve got a ton of work to do and that using my ten days for ‘me time’ was a horrible idea (worth it but horrible). Next time, I won’t do that because of the loads I have to get done before exams starts (let’s face it, I’ll most probably do it again and just say that I won’t oh, the inevitable cycle).

Often when I have millions of things to do, I tend to procrastinate. Now, I know I’m not the only one who does it but the stuff I do just to put off work is just plain ridiculous, hilarious and has got me thinking, “WTH?”  So, in honour of my weirdness, I’ve compiled a list of the stuff I do:

#1. Dishes

Seriously, I’m the laziest person on earth (my mom can testify to this. Shout out to my mom who loves me all the same) and I decide to dishes just to avoid my work. Where is my logic? I do chores to put off my other work? Ugh, sometimes I wonder about myself. *shakes head*

#2. Plan my dream wedding

Perfect husband, 3.5 kids and white picket fence, ah the life. Oh, wait that was in my head. Damn, you procrastination! The mind is a powerful thing; I’ve once thought up a whole perfect alternate life for myself which included my children’s names and that I’d be married to my favourite actor and have a house in the mountains.

#3. Read things on how to overcome procrastination

I’ve read millions of blogs, books and articles on how to beat the procrastination blues yet I just haven’t taken the leap of faith to actually carry out not procrastinating. So, as part of procrastinating, I read about how to overcome it and I’d be inspired for five minutes then my hands would start itching to read a book or check my phone. Ah, I’m so weak.

#4. Pinterest

No app better to keep me on the internet whole day, okay maybe WordPress too (I got ya fam). I’ve got a whole virtual world that if you ever bother to check out, would really show what I’m like. I pin so many things that it becomes overwhelming, even for me.

#5. Memes


Don’t you just love memes? They’re so relatable and not to mention funny. An easy way to procrastinate, all you need is internet. No harm, right? Wrong. I have been accused of laughing for something at my phone and people would be like, “Who are you chatting to?” But I’d be to embarrassed too admit that I’m not that important, in actual fact I’m just laughing at memes on my phone.

#6. Snapchat

Don’t you just love wasting time sending the most atrocious pictures of things (and yourself) to your friends? God, I love it. In my opinion, it’s the most beautiful useless procrastination thing you can ever do.Try it, I dare you.

This is just a few things I do, believe me there is a whole lot more where that came from; this barely scrapes the top. What do you do as a form of procrastination? Bake cake? Wash the dog? Let me know in the comment section below.

~Poppie Tee

Been a week, has it?

Hectic. One word to describe my week. Between writing exams; I have been so busy studying for exams and preparing for mini-tests and tutorials that this week has just been one, pardon my language, shit storm. Now, for the cherry, I awoke this morning with a sore throat, massive headache and sore legs from a workout. So, all in all, not my most stellar week.

That’s the reason I have been MIA for the past week or so, I feel totally bad because when I started this blog I wanted to at least write regularly, like a post each week or something like that. But, alas, shit happens and like Harvey Specter says, “Deal with it.” (God, this man is my idol).

Also, during the course of this week I have had two breakdowns and two workouts (which is little). Then I came to the realization that I needed the breakdowns even though a breakdown is literally when you feel at lowest but I have realised that sometimes it takes falling down to get back up.

I hate having breakdowns in front of people because, my God, embarrassing. But I also realised that having them in front of people can be so comforting, especially people who know how you feel and can relate.


So, now that I am on a ten day vacation (let’s just all cut the bull here, it’s honestly speaking a study break) I am going to catch up on movies, series, books, scouting jobs, blogging and life at home (even though most times I am at home, I still feel like I’m not at home because home is far and when I get there, I eat and then go sleep). I’m just ready for this break, man. I don’t think I am going to open any of my university books and files for this ten day vacation.

These are the things they don’t tell you about university; they tell you all about how you will spend the best days of your life here and about how you will make friends for life here but honestly that comes with the territory, university is not all about the partying or the friends or the best days of your life. University is actually your make it or break it time because nine times out ten people who are at university don’t have a backup plan, they just plan on getting their degree and then getting a job straight after and many university kids will get their socks knocked off when they realise it’s not that simple. The real truth is that you will be sitting at a mediocre job for five years just waiting to land your dream job, the one you are actually qualified for. So, go get out there and get that job experience now while at university because it’s not just about university, it’s about your future.

So, despite my past week, I am ready for my next week. Are you?

~Poppie Tee

The Envisioned Life of a University Student

As I sit in my university library I can’t help but feel the atmosphere. At a place where knowledge is gained, the atmosphere tends to be really thick, you could cut through it with a knife. The people sitting on either side of me has their head buried in some book furiously scribbling notes on little papers. They look frantic. They look like an intellectual. They look like they need a break and maybe a quick scrub.

University Students for me, were always fascinating people to watch. They always had messy hair with thick glasses, usually seen with a coffee in one hand and a giant text book in the other. They were enthralling for me to watch from afar. As a child, I wanted to become one. When I made that decision, mind you, I never knew what university life entailed, I never knew what being a student really was. I never knew what I wanted to study but all I knew was that I wanted needed to become one.

Now that I am experiencing it, quite frankly, it’s everything I envisioned. The long tiresome hours at the library is every bit as chaotic as I’ve imagined. The lecture periods where lecturers drone on and on in a monotone voice is exactly what I expected. The early morning coffees to keep you awake for the eight ‘o clock class is real. The thick text books with sticky notes sticking out in every which way with once important notes written in the worst scrawl you could think of is here, alive and well.

University life is every bit the challenging, cringe-worthy and genuine experience I’ve ever had in my life, and this is only my second semester but I love every second of it. I love the concept of learning new things at a place where everyone is doing the same. I love getting up at eight for a class because I look forward to my morning coffee. I can forgive the occasional monotone lecturer and I love that each and every single one of us that attends a university is doing so with an end goal in mind.

But most of all, I just love university, man.

~Poppie Tee

What are your thoughts on university life?  Do you love it? Hate it? Let me know.

The Not so Glamorous Life of a University Student

University of Stellenbosh, Stellenbosh, South Africa.
University of Stellenbosh, Stellenbosh, South Africa.

Right. So, I know it’s been a while but being a university student really stretches you thin. I mean, trying to keep your grades up, having a social life and getting some sleep. It can be draining. And, me, being the brave heart that I am decided to (in addition to all that) start a blog.

In today’s post I will be giving the average university chick some pointers as to how I cope with leading a busy student life.

#1. Diarize everything

I know this might sound as cliché as they come but the reason things are cliché is because they are often true. Go to your nearest store and get you a huge monthly or yearly calendar, whichever you prefer, and also a handy little diary (the small ones you can carry with you) and start planning your days.

#2. Set your priorities straight

Assignments, exams, homework. These are your priorities if you are a university student. Highlight them, Sharpie them in or whatever but just make sure they are big, bright and bold. Do tasks according to how important they are and when they are due, this is prioritizing. (You would be surprised how many students don’t understand this concept and would later say that they did that task first because they prefer this subject better that subject and I’d be standing there like, “Dude, that was due before this and you need to pass them all.”)

#3. Set reminders

I know this might come off as trivial but it is so important. I cannot begin to tell you how much setting reminders on my phone has helped me. I set reminders for my tutorials, lectures, practicals and even my gym sessions. Not only does it help me stay on time for my classes but it also subtly reminds me to not over stay my social visit of coffee with friends (oh, how time flies when your having fun).

#4. Sunday night

Sit with your diary every Sunday night. I do this religiously, it helps me plan out my week and helps me see where I have free time squeeze in a quick spa session (my ultimate favourite: sitting in the sauna and doing my nails, though not simultaneously) or a coffee date.

#5. Treat university like a 9 to 5 job

What I mean by this is that you should strive to do all assignments and tasks (university related) at university. Whether it’s in the library or the cafeteria, make sure you do as much as possible so you don’t bring the lot home or back to your dorm. This ensures that you have a bit of free time for watching series (Suits reruns for me), grabbing a coffee with friends or a spontaneous Wednesday night date.

#6. De-stress

The most important thing though: de-stress. Run, dance, write or whatever just remember to do this at least once every three days. It’s essential for your well-being and ultimately the breaking point between an education institution and a mental institution.

#7. Stay healthy

Eating healthy and staying fit is the difference between you surviving the day or you crashing at 4 the afternoon. Join a gym (they’ve got hot water for a shower in the middle of the day) or just have a health routine but make sure you stick to it, it really helps. You’ll feel more energized, fit, healthy and you’ll sleep like a baby through the night.

#8. Me Time

The last tip I’ll leave you with is to have your ‘Me time’. Having ‘Me Time’ is of the utmost importance because it let’s you unwind. ‘Me Time’ and de-stressing is not the same thing. Having ‘Me time’ consists of being alone with yourself; listening to some good music on your own with no hustle and bustle around you, reading a good book with a cup of coffee or simply just sitting and doing nothing. This is what keeps me sane because when I curl up with a good book, I simply forget everything and I escape my busy life.

This is how I handle my day-to-day shenanigans. I hope this helps some people out there, it sure is my saviour and I live by it. Let me know how you guys handle a hectic university/work schedule.